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April 14th Men's Club Meeting Minutes

Men’s Club Golf Club

Meeting Minutes – April 14th, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM.

The Meeting Minutes from March 24th, 2019 were read and approved.

General Discussion Items

1. A question was raised regarding the status of Course Marshalls. Mark Lawrence informed the group that Jim Oscarson was still working on a plan.

2. President Matt asked Bob Matson for a report on the possibility of hosting a new fundraising golf tournament. Bob shared there was little interest from the Senior Men’s Club on hosting a new tournament. He reported the Women’s Club has expressed interest in joining with the two Men’s Clubs to host a joint tournament. Bob’s 2019 fundraising objectives are for the Senior Men’s Club to support the Lion’s Club Tournament and the Lake Chelan Men’s Club Invitational Golf Tournament (Men’s Club Open Tournament).

3. There was discussion about where the Men’s Club should allocate 2019 donations from possible money on hand. President Matt asked the Members for ideas and he suggested funds could be used to repair the Hole #11 tee box. There was discussion the money could be used to increase high school scholarship donation amounts. There was discussion the money could be used to buy new golf bags for the boys and girls golf teams at Chelan and Manson High Schools.

Eric Lorenz stated the Men’s Club High School Student Scholarship Program requires a parent or grandparent to be a Men’s Club Member in order for the student to be granted a scholarship. )

President Matt asked the Scholarship Committee Members consisting of Dave Spanjer, Ray Wilson and Greg Moser to study possible student scholarship opportunities.

4. Leann (and Chuck) Weathersby with CJ’s on the Course Restaurant (Golf Course Restaurant) announced the restaurant would begin offering Men’s Club (Sunday) and Senior Men’s Club (Wednesday) Members 20% off on food purchases. Beverage purchases are not eligible for the discount. The discount would be offered to golfers buying food after Member Play. The restaurant will use the Pro Shop group pairing sheet assembled by Jim Oscarson or Mark Lawrence to verify golfers are eligible for the discount.

Restaurant contact information - Chuck and Leann Weathersby (509) 423-1787 /

5. Bob Matson the Publicity Chair asked if any Members knew anyone at KOZI Radio and if any Members were Chelan Chamber of Commerce paid members. Dave Spanger provided a contact name at KOZI Radio who could assist in having Club Competition results announced weekly on the radio along with special announcements. Eric Lorenz offered that he knows the Chamber President and is going to assist Bob in getting Men’s Club and Senior Men’s Club announcements posted on the Chamber’s website.

6. President Matt elected to change the name of the Lake Chelan Men’s Club Invitational Golf Tournament to the Lake Chelan Men’s Club Open Golf Tournament. This change was made on a recommendation from Randy Ferris.

7. President Matt informed the Members he will be asking Stefan Dobratz for a Club Financial Report.

8. There was discussion about the need to solicit raffle items for the Men’s Club Open Tournament. Mike Storey and Eric Lorenz asked the Members for assistance in soliciting items and recommended the solicitation efforts start as early as possible. They also asked the Members to provide the Tournament Committee Members (John Hancock, Mike Storey, Eric Lorenz and Ed Ferguson) with a list of possible donors.

9. President Matt recognized John Hancock’s 2019 role in running the Men’s Open Tournament, President’s Cup Tournament and Match Play Tournament.

Motions Proposed and Votes Taken

1. There was a motion by Dave Spanjer to implement a season long “Lowest Gross Score on Every Hole for Each Golfer” competition for the Men’s Club. The Club would allocate $100.00 to the winner. The competition would begin Sunday, May 5th and continue each Sunday through the end of the season. Dave Spanjer agreed to record the lowest hole scores for each golfer each week for the season. The motion passed.

2. There was a motion to not change the Club Rule regarding Member Tee Requirements. The Rule states Members under age 65 must play from the blue tees and Members age 65 or older can elect to play from the white tees. The motion passed.

Dan Dedo discussed with the group the Senior Men’s Club has a rule that enables Members age 70 or older, with a handicap of 30 or more, to play from the yellow tees. There was some additional discussion about possibly changing the tee assignment rule before the motion was presented and passed.

3. There was a motion to implement a Hole-in-One Insurance Program with the Club allocating $100.00 to any Member recording a hole-in-one during Men’s Club Play on Sundays or Senior Men’s Club Play on Wednesdays. This motion does not include any Tournament Play. The motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 PM.

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