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Lake Chelan Senior Men's Golf Club – Game Competition Results for Wednesday, September 18th

Big Game #1 – Cha, Cha, Cha Team Competition

1st Place Team - (Score 128) – John (Mr. VP) Hancock, Ellis Nierenberg, Mike Giffin

2nd Place Team - (Score 136) – Dr. Darrell Richards, Ken Hopkins, Bob Koontz, Dave Johnson

Big Game #2 – Most Fairways Hit

1st Place – Jim Storms (Fairways 12)

2nd Place – Ellis Nierenberg (Fairways 10)

Small Game #3 – Most Chip Ins

1st Place – Dr. Darrell Richards (1)

Small Game #4 - Most Putts Longer Than Flagstick

1st Place Tie – Ken Hopkins and Bob Matson (Putts 2)

Fun Game #5 – Most 3 Putts or Greater

1st Place Tie – Bob Koontz, Dave Johnson, Bob Matson (Putts 2)

Mega KP on Hole #11 - Weekly Winner

Bob Matson (Distance 9’ 8”)

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