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Lake Chelan Senior Men's Golf Club - Game Competitions Results for Wednesday, July 31st

Big Game #1 - Stableford Scoring

1st Place (Tie) – Pat Sullivan and Jim Wisdom

2nd Place – Bob Carleton

3rd Place (Tie) – Ed Ferguson and Scott Patrick

Big Game #2 - Most Greens Hit on Par 3's

1st Place – Stefan Dobratz (4 Greens)

2nd Place – Cliff House (2 Greens )

3rd Place (Tie) – Dan Dedo and Dr. Darrell Richards (1 Green)

Small Game #3 - Long Drive Hole #14

Winner – John Hancock

Small Game #4 - KP on Hole #2

Winner – Mike Giffin (Distance 27’ 2”)

Mega Par 3 KP on Hole #11 – Monthly Winners for July

John Hancock (Distance 7’ 3”)

Cliff House (Distance 7’ 11”)

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