Men's Club Meeting Sunday March 24th

Below is the preliminary Agenda for our first General meeting on Sunday March 24th at 12:30PM. Location will be the golf course dining/meeting area. Anything you would like addressed, please inform me prior to the meeting.

Lake Chelan Men’s Golf Club

Aka: Men’s Association

Meeting Agenda

March 24, 2019

12:30 PM

Type of Meeting: Monthly General Membership

Meeting Facilitator: Matt Froman - President

Invitees: All Men’s Club Members

I. Call to order

II. Roll call

III. Approval of Minutes from Last (October 2018) Meeting

a) Minutes from meeting:

1. Board to Email monthly information to members. (open)

2. $80 once a month added by Men’s club for Par 3 contest. (approved, closed)

3. Have monthly member meeting in season to include lunch, paid by Mens club. (approved, closed)

4. Once a month “Mark’s Choice” Sunday Men’s Club Event. (approved, closed)

5. Board Officer Election:

Matt Froman – President

John Hancock – Vice President

Stefan Dobratz – Secretary / Treasurer

IV. Open issues

a) Board to Email monthly information to members.

V. New business

a) Website development ( ) – (Matt)

b) Ideas for speeding up play. (from member Email)

c) Handicap Chairman – (Stefan)

d) Tournament Committee – (Matt)

e) Scholarship Committee – (Matt)

f) Publicity Committee – (Matt)

g) Greens Committee – (Matt)

h) Social Committee – (Matt)


VI. Treasurer Report

VII. Adjournment

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