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Senior Men's Club - 2019 Spring Meeting Agenda

Lake Chelan Senior Men’s Golf Club

Meeting Agenda - May 8th, 2019

Type of Meeting: Spring 2019 Meeting (General Membership)

Meeting Facilitator: Bob Matson - President

Invitees: All Senior Men’s Club Members

I. Call to order

II. Approval of Minutes from September 26th, 2018 Meeting

III. Special Announcement

IV. New business

a) Proposed By-Laws Change #1

Vice President will maintain a roster of eligible members with their email addresses and phone numbers.

b) Proposed By-Laws Change #2

A Player must be at least 55 years of age and have a USGA Handicap for determining Lake Chelan Course Handicap.

c) Proposed By-Laws Change #3

Handicaps are to be checked by Players every two weeks.

d) Proposed By-Laws Change #4

If a Player is 70 and has a handicap of 30 or greater from the “white” tees, the may plat from the YELLOW tees, but must reduce their handicap by three strokes according to course rating difference when playing with the Seniors Golf Group on Wednesday. This is established by the USGA Handicapping System Section 3-5. The Clubhouse computer provides individual HCP’s from each Tee box RED, YELLOW, WHITE and BLUE. It will be used for determination of eligibility.

e) Proposed By-Laws Change #5

Should a player choose not to finish any hole, the score card will reflect a “X” for that hole. This will disqualify the player from being eligible for Medal Play competition. An exception for medal play for the Seniors Division, if competition for that day is Nine Hole scores, the player may qualify if the hole they pick up on is not in that nine holes. For posting of score, the hole is to contain the “Equitable Stroke” score (found on the wall adjacent to the Golf Club computer).

f) Proposed By-Laws Change #6

Ball hit out-of-bounds and lost ball will be played using the USGA rule option. Player must hit another ball from the tee for one-stroke penalty. Count all strokes plus penalty stroke so you are lying three on provisional ball off the tee.

g) “Home and Away” Discussion and Chair Volunteer(s)

h) Additions to the Agenda

V. Adjournment

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