Senior Men’s Club Golf Results from Wednesday, July 3rd

Big Game #1 – Most Putts Longer than the Flagstick

1st Place – Bob Matson (4 Putts)

2nd Place (Tie) – Lyle Burns (3 Putts)

2nd Place (Tie) – Ray Wilson (3 Putts)

2nd Place (Tie) – Ellis Nierenberg (3 Putts)

Big Game #2 – Better 9 Holes Front or Back Less Half Handicap

1st Place – Phil Clausen (Score 30)

2nd Place – Ed Holst (Score 32)

3rd Place – John (Mr. VP) Hancock (Score 32.5)

4th Place (Tie) – Phil Slalcup (Score 33)

4th Place (Tie) – Gary Searle (Score 33)

4th Place (Tie) – Ed Ferguson (Score 33)

Small Game #3 – Most Net Birdies

1st Place (Tie) – Gordon Rice (8 Birdies)

1st Place (Tie) – Bob Carleton (8 Birdies)

2nd Place (Tie) – Mike Giffin (7 Birdies)

2nd Place (Tie) – Mark Babcock (7 Birdies)

Small Game #4 – Closest to the Pin Second Shot on Hole #12

1st Place – Dave Jansen (Distance 5’ 4”)

2nd Place – Cliff House (Distance 8’ 10”)

Special Game Winner Information

Multiple game winners this week included Dave Jansen (Putts Longer Than The Flagstick, Closest to the Pin), Mark Babcock (Putts Longer Than The Flagstick, Net Birdies), Bob Carleton (Better 9 Holes Less Half Handicap, Net Birdies), Gordon Rice (Better 9 Holes Less Half Handicap, Net Birdies), and Ellis Nierenberg (Putts Longer Than The Flagstick, Net Birdies).

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