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Senior Men’s Club Golf Results from Wednesday, June 26th

Big Game #1 – Odd Holes Less Half The Player’s Handicap

1st Place – Scott Patrick (Score 35)

2nd Place (Tie) – Lyle Burns (Score 35.5)

2nd Place (Tie) – Phil Clausen (Score 35.5)

3rd Place – Gary Searle (Score 36)

Big Game #2 – Low Net Score

1st Place – Ed Ferguson (Score 68)

2nd Place – Mike Giffin (Score 69)

3rd Place (Tie) – John (Mr. VP) Hancock (Score 70)

3rd Place (Tie) – Stefan Dobratz (Score 70)

Small Game #3 – Chip Ins

$4.00 – Mike Storey (1)

$4.00 – Darrell Simpson (1)

Small Game #4 – Closest to the Pin on Hole #2

Dan Dedo (Distance 6’ 6”)

Mega Par 3 Hole #11 (Weekly Results Only)

Cliff House – (Distance 14’ 1”)

Dr. Darrell Richards – (Distance 22’ 1/2”)

Bob Matson – (Distance 29’ 7”)

Special Game Winner Information

Ed Ferguson won both Big Game Competitions, Mike Giffin placed second on both Big Game Competitions, Scott Patrick also had two Chip Ins, and Phil Clausen had the Big Hole-in-One Chip In. (Senior Men’s Club rules only allow Members to win one competition each week.)

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