Senior Men's Golf Results from May 15th

Low Net Score (Score 66)

1st Place - Dan Dedo

2nd Place (Tie) - John (Mr. VP) Hancock

2nd Place (Tie) - Stefan Dobratz

3rd Place - Cliff House

Number of Fairways Hit (13 Fairways)

1st Place (Tie) - Ron Huffer

1st Place (Tie) - George Nickle

2rd Place - Dave Jansen

3rd Place (Tie) - Jim Storms

3rd Place (Tie) - Scott Patrick

Long Drive Hole #13

Winner - Ed Ferguson

Chip-Ins (1 Chip-In)

1st Place (Tie) - Gary Searle

1st Place (Tie) - Curtis Martin

Closest to the Pin on Hole #11

Jim Storms - 1' 11"

Dave Jansen - 11' 1/2"

Don Coleman - 12' 3"

John (Mr. VP) Hancock - 15' 0"

Dan Dedo - 18' 2"

Congratulations were extended to Gary Searle (Fairways, Chip-Ins), Jim Storms (Fairways Hit, Closest to the Pin), John (Mr. VP) Hancock (Low Net, Chip-Ins), Stefan Dobratz (Low Net, Chip-Ins), and Dan Dedo (Low Net, Chip-Ins) for winning more than one event this week.

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